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  Health (medical) insurance for OBTAINING OF TEMPORARY RESIDENCE PERMIT



 One of document`s, needed for obtaining of temporary residence permit in Ukraine is actual health (medical) insurance.

We propose such insurance document from insurance company «VUSO».

 {supertable table}

total insurance sum 65 000 UAH
insurance sum for in-patient treatment

34 000 UAH

insurance sum per 1 event 5000 UAH
insurance sum for outpatient treatment

400 UAH

insurance sum for Ambulance

5 600 UAH

Cost of insurance policy for 1 person

980 UAH



Our insurance office is located in Lviv, Western Ukraine.

We are working remotely with all cities of Ukraine.

Free shipping to any city in Ukraine with help of express delivery service «Nova Poshta».

You could find nearest branch of «Nova Poshta» by this link.



1)Pay cash, when you receive insurance policy in nearest branch of «Nova Poshta».

2)Prepayment by credit card.


Personal information required for insurance:

  • Scan of international passport

 For detailed information and purchase of health (medical) insurance contact us:

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